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These Glitter Snowflakes are easy to make and the kids can make lots of them to add to the holiday decorations.
You can decorate cards or make ornaments for Xmas trees or windows,.... just create!!!
Here are some ideas, instructions & patterns:

White School Glue
Heavy Paper or Cardstock
Plastic sheets for hanging decorations
Newspapers to cover the working table

1. Put down newspaper to catch any stray glitter to make clean up easy.
2. Draw snowflake design on paper with school glue.
    If you're making a hanging decoration, print the snowflake pattern onto paper and staple it beside 
    a plastic sheet, so you can draw the pattern on top of the plastic sheet.
3. Sprinkle with glitter. After the first application dries you can always draw more and make it look





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Carissa Peck dijo...

Seems like a super fun craft. Good call on the newspaper, glitter can be hard to pick up.

I hope you find this relevant. Just a heads up for anyone who is planing on making a snowflake in the next few days. Maybe you would also consider making one for Sandy Hook? The school has asked for donations of snowflakes to decorate the new building the students will enter in January. If you have a chance to make just one more snowflake you may like to look into it.

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